Terms & Conditions


1. Product Installation

  1. Installation is not included and Shade Factor is not a Blindspace installer; a suitably qualified carpenter or other professional should be engaged to install Blindspace products in accordance with the supplied instructions.
  2. Cutting and mitering of Blindspace products is the responsibility of the customer or customer-appointed installer.  Shade Factor cannot be liable for poorly fitting joints or any other finishing issues.
  3. Plastering/finishing must be undertaken strictly in adherence with the installation instructions provided to avoid the possibility of cracking plaster and other related issues.
  4. Shade Factor will not be liable for issues relating to the installation of blinds in to Blindspace products or operation of cover panels.  Cover panels must be opened and closed strictly in accordance with the supplied instructions.
  5. Blindspace orders do not include fasteners or other consumables required for proper installation.

2. Shipping

Allow 2 weeks minimum for standard sized boxes and 3 weeks for custom boxes.

Shade Factor will ship the products in suitable packaging but cannot guarantee that the goods will be delivered free from damage caused in transit.  An inspection should be performed by the customer on delivery and if any damage is noted, please contact Shade Factor straight away.

3. Exchange/Returns

All our products are custom-made and cannot be exchanged or returned except in accordance with the consumer protection laws of Australia.  Goods cannot be returned because the wrong parts were purchased, excess lengths were ordered or there was a change of mind.

4. Payment

Payment of the full amount of the order is required prior to shipping and Shade Factor retains legal title to goods until paid for in full.

5. Warranty Periods

Goods are inspected prior to shipping and are warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months.  “Manufacturing defects” relates only to the structural integrity of Blindspace products under normal use according to the instructions, and does not include any issues relating to installation of Blindspace products or any product installed in to Blindspace product e.g. curtains, blinds etc.  If you believe that there is a manufacturing defect please contact Shade Factor without delay.