Blindspace® C180x100 (suits double side-by-side standard 43mm roller blinds)

$429.84 - $1,314.36
Product Usage:
For single standard roller blinds
Select required length, flange location and quantity before adding to the order
End caps add an additional 4mm to the final length.
e.g. 2m + 2mm + 2mm = 2.04mm final length
If you require specific lengths that is not outlined below, contact us to put in a custom order.
  • Endcaps to suit Blindspace® C180x100 (Pack of 2)
  • Endcaps to suit Blindspace® C180x100 (Pack of 10)

Product Overview

Recessed aluminium boxes designed to fit and conceal double standard (43mm) roller blinds, fitted in standard brackets side by side and rolling toward the centre (double flap, single slot configuration).

Can be ordered in the following flange configurations:

Flange Locations

Material Extruded Aluminium

Finish Powdercoated flat white. Underside of removable flap may be painted to match ceiling finish.

Blind Sizes

Blind Sizes to fit inside the box: Double Medium Standard Roller Blind (43mm tube) in a horizontal configuration.

Maximum height depends on fabric and hembar selection but generally used up to a max height of 2900mm. 


Installing Blindspace boxes correctly according to the instructions is critical to avoid operational issues with the boxes or potential plaster/finish issues.

PDF Icon  Installation Instructions